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Includes journals and articles. It also integrates services such as PlumX, Airiti Library, DOI… and adds the function of bibliographic export, which can be seamlessly connected with the existing citation analysis software tool VOSviewer.
收錄期刊與文章,並整合PlumX 、Airiti Library、DOI…等服務,增加書目匯出的功能,可與現有的引文分析軟工具VOSviewer 無縫介接。
Academic Search Ultimate 綜合學科 This link opens in a new window
With thousands of peer-reviewed journals, Academic Search Ultimate is the full-text journal database. Providing the top journals in each field of study, it meets the needs of all students, in every discipline. In addition, it provides Ahead of Print content from key publishers.
綜合學科擁有數千種同行評審期刊,是多學科全文期刊資料庫。 它提供每個研究領域的期刊,滿足每個學科的需求。 此外,它還提供來自主要出版商的提前印刷內容。
Ainosco Search Database 是科探索資料庫 This link opens in a new window
Includes highly cited and school collection books, including 30% of academic books, science popularization books and survey reports published in Taiwan in the past five years.
Mainly includes academic documents published in Taiwan, as well as academic journals published in the United States, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The platform provides full-text information on various academic resources, including journal articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, etc. Subject topics cover humanities, social sciences, basic and applied sciences, bioagriculture, engineering, medicine and health.
Providing students with a global perspective in their research, Business Source Ultimate allows students to track business trends and topics worldwide with thousands of full-text journals from North America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America. With locally published content integrated with region-specific international resources, it provides unparalleled coverage of regional news. In addition, Business Source Ultimate now includes Ahead of Print content from key business publishers.
為學生的研究提供全球視角,商管財經資源全文資料庫允許學生追蹤商業趨勢以及來自北方的數千種全文期刊的全球主題美洲、非洲、亞洲、大洋洲、歐洲和拉丁美洲。 與本地發布的內容與特定地區的國際相結合資源,它提供了無與倫比的地區新聞報導。 在此外,商管財經資源全文資料庫現在包括 Ahead of Print來自主要商業出版商的內容。
focuses on academic, engineering technology, policy guidance, advanced science popularization, industry guidance and education journals, covering various fields such as natural science, engineering technology, agriculture, philosophy, medicine, humanities and social sciences.
This collection of British Colonial office correspondence relates to Hong Kong as a British colony between 1841 and 1951, and provides detailed information on the political, military, social, economic, and external development of Hong Kong. It also sheds light on the British Empire in Asia, China’s transformation from empire to republic, mainland China-Hong Kong relations, and the international politics of East Asia.
收錄了英國殖民地辦公室信件集涉及 1841 年至 1951 年間香港作為英國殖民地的情況,提供有關香港政治、軍事、社會、經濟和對外發展的詳細資料。 它也揭示了大英帝國在亞洲、中國從帝國到共和的轉變、中國大陸與香港的關係以及東亞的國際政治。
CultureGrams This link opens in a new window
A reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world. With world events increasingly affecting our lives, it's more important than ever to educate students about the world around them, and for college students and business people to stay up-to-date.
Emerald Insight This link opens in a new window
Emerald is a global publisher providing high quality, peer-reviewed research with a portfolio of over 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 1,500 teaching cases. It provides a growing collection of open access content, covering subjects across social science research. The platform combines different types of research formats – articles, books and case studies, and presents content in a wide variety of outputs formats including multimedia, data and expert briefings and opinion.
Emerald 是一家全球出版商,提供高品質的同行評審研究成果,擁有300 多種期刊、2,500 多本書籍和 1,500 多個教學案例。 Emerald提供了更多公開內容,涵蓋社會科學研究的各個主題。 該平台結合了不同類型的研究格式——文章、書籍和案例研究,並以多種輸出格式呈現內容,包括多媒體、數據以及專家簡報和意見。
Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text is the pinnacle resource for researchers of film and television, providing the most comprehensive collection of full text from scholarly and popular sources, and spanning the entire spectrum of film and television studies.
Gale Business: Insights This link opens in a new window
The database provides access to insights on global companies and industries with in-depth analysis through current news, statistical data, and comprehensive reports.
IEEE Xplore (ASPP Online & POP All) This link opens in a new window
Provides full-text access to the cutting-edge research papers and findings from conferences (POP All) in a wide range of technology areas, including computer engineering, biomedical technology, telecommunications, electric power, aerospace, consumer electronics, and many more; and access to the IEEE core collection of engineering, electronics, and computer science periodicals (ASPP Online).
• More than 1.3 million papers available from all IEEE-sponsored annual conferences and over 310,000 papers from about100 core IEEE conference titles
• Peer-reviewed publications, concentrating on theoretical and experimental papers
• Quality magazines focusing on practical applications in research, design, and specification
提供了對廣泛技術領域(包括計算機工程、生物醫學技術、電信、電力、航空航太、消費電子產品等)的前沿研究論文和會議結果的全文訪問(POP All);以及提供對 IEEE 工程、電子和電腦科學期刊的合集(ASPP Online)。
• POP中有超過130萬篇論文,全部來自所有IEEE贊助的年會和超過310,000篇論文來自大約100個核心IEEE會議的POP論文
• 同行評審的出版物,專注於理論和實驗論文
• 專注於研究、設計和規範中實際應用的優質雜誌
Use cases that simulate real situations to induce students to participate in learning, introduce business management theory, encourage critical thinking, accumulate practical experience, face the employment market in advance, establish an entrepreneurial perspective, and train students to analyze the crux of the problem and examine important issues from the perspective of decision-makers.
以模擬真實情境案例誘發學生參與學習、導入商管理論、鼓勵批判性思考、累積實務經驗,提前面對 就業巿場、建立企業化視野,培養學生以決策者的角度來剖析問題癥結,檢視重擬處理方針。
PressReader This link opens in a new window
Access to over 7,000 magazines and global newspapers in 60 languages from various countries.
Unlimited downloads on all devices with on-site and off-site access allow students to research from everywhere.
Statista This link opens in a new window
Statista is a global data and business intelligence platform with an extensive collection of statistics, reports, and insights on over 80,000 topics from 22,500 sources in 170 industries.
Statista 是一個全球數據和商業智慧平台,廣泛收集來自 170 個行業 22,500 個來源的 80,000 多個主題的統計數據、報告和見解。
Contains nearly 7,000 periodicals published in China in the past century from the late Qing Dynasty to 1949, with a total of more than 130,000 issues. Many periodicals are rare books in China, with precious historical materials, rich content, and easy retrieval; The materials cover various categories such as literature and history education, philosophy and economics, politics and military, industry, agriculture, transportation, astronomy and medicine, etc.; it has particularly strong research value in modern Chinese history, literature, education, philosophy, politics, history of science and technology, etc.
收錄了清末到1949年近百年間中國出版的近7000種期刊,共13萬餘期,很多期刊屬於國內不多見的珍本,史料珍貴,內容豐富,檢索方便;資料涉及文史教育、哲學經濟、 政治軍事、工農交通、天文醫藥等各大門類;在中國近代的歷史、文學、教育、哲學、政治、科技史等方面尤其有著強烈的研究價值。